My Four Human Axioms

Igor Morski
Mikhail Molokanov
As a coach, facilitator, trainer, and consultant, I believe in four axioms. I discovered these axioms while working as a scientist, executive search consultant, project manager, HR director, and CEO.

The first of them is "People are different." It sounds simple, but in fact, we often treat people not the way they would like to be treated, but the way we think is best for them.

Keeping this axiom in mind, I pay attention to the real needs of training groups or coachees.

The second axiom states: "People are alive… Unfortunately." "Unfortunately" simply because if people were more predictable, like robots or machines, it would be much easier to manage them or sell to them.

But alive people do make mistakes. Therefore, I always remember that mistakes, blunders, and even failures are natural for people. They are not a reason for accusations, but an area for awareness and development.

The third axiom states: "'Nothing personal' is nonsense." Our personality influences our professional and business choices, and our profession changes our personality.

So it's useless to try to make someone an ideal manager, salesperson, or presenter. My task as a T&D specialist is to help a person find the most effective personal style to succeed.

And the fourth axiom says: "No one is interested in your personality."

Therefore as a manager, or salesperson, don't spend too much time thinking about how others perceive you. Just understand what value you can bring to them and do it effectively.

In case you disagree with these four axioms, it will be very interesting for me to discuss your ideas with you and perhaps make their wording clearer.

See you at my workshops and coaching.
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