STRADIS: Strategic Diagnostic Synchronization

Mikhail Molokanov
A team of executives and key employees ensures the company's competitiveness in a constantly changing world.

The strength of the team is based on the diversity of experience, skills, knowledge, and personal characteristics of team members.

But this diversity creates problems, including the inability of the executive team to develop a strategy and / or effectively implement it. Why is that?
1. The team members react differently to changes, especially affecting their authority, areas of responsibility and incentive system.
2. Differences in response lead to misunderstanding, hidden and obvious confrontation, desynchronization in decisions making and implementation.
3. Uncoordinated decision-making, and implementation creates and exacerbate key problems in the organization.
1. The team members react differently to the emergence and exacerbation of key problems.

How to break this vicious circle?
• Changes are forever.
• Diversity in the team is critical to the survival of the company.
• The only solution: to achieve synchronization.

But it is pointless to achieve synchronization and coherence about the future: strategy, vision, plans, what and how to do, while there is no consistency about the present. Before "treating", you need to know the "diagnosis". Before laying a route, you need to agree on whether we are sitting in a track or Ferrari, whether there is enough gasoline, what condition the brakes are ...

It is necessary to agree what now is / is not a problem, a trap, a "behind-the-garden", a "rupture". While the executive team is not agreed on what the problem is, they will never agree on what decisions should be made and will never adhere to the decisions taken.

Any changes, transformations, business breakthroughs "will go to the sand" if the executives and key employees do not agree on an understanding of what is happening in the present. Such synchronization is always emotionally expensive and requires a special format in the form of a STRADIS session.

In the key to common strategic views, a two-day STRADIS session brings a joint understanding of what is happening in the executive team and in the organization as a whole in the present, in particular problem zones, "traps"… And what and how to do with them.

STRADIS session is the best way to make an executive team committed to the real teamwork and decisions they make as a team.
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